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How do I complete a Behavior Checklist?

The Behavior Checklist contains approximately 50 items (behaviors).  This is occasionally updated, so it’s worth checking back to make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of the test.

All items / questions on the BCL should be completed. It is vital that you use the list of definitions for each element of the test – we have definitions in multiple languages available. These definitions describe in detail the behaviors associated with the score for each category tested. By referring carefully to the definitions your scores are likely to be far more consistent and also more likely to be the same as they would be if someone else was completing the form. Consistent scoring is vital if the data is to be useful over time.

You can print off the checklist and fill it out on paper, or directly enter your BCL data into the IWDR. Storing your BCL data digitally in the IWDR allows you to share data with other breeders, determine heritability of various behavioral traits and target areas of improvement in your breeding program.

Having gathered BCL data over time you have the potential to:

  • Determine which behaviors are associated with success or failure in your program, and therefore which traits you can improve upon.
  • Earlier removal of unsuitable dogs from your training programs. These dogs could be considered for alternative roles.
  • If the data is entered in the IWDR, BCL scores can be used in genetic analysis. This can help you identify which dogs have the best chance of having the best genes for behavior traits important to you.
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