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Breeding Strategies and Advanced Reproductive Techniques to Optimize Production of Improved Generations of Specialized Canines at Three major working dog breeding programs in New Zealand – presented by Dr Fiona Hollinshead

Each working dog organisation has different programmatic goals and many have restrictions that must also be considered when developing specific breeding strategies to meet their breeding program objectives and requirements. Strategies developed for the three working dog programs in New Zealand (NZ) focused on production of highly desirable offspring through the use of a number of advanced breeding technologies. Although only a small country, these breeding strategies are examples of when implemented either individually or collectively ultimately facilitated the production of generations of healthier and successful specific working dogs for each of the NZ working dog breeding programs over a 12 year period. Strategies that will be discussed as part of the presentation will include dual sire matings, methods for optimizing the established trans-cervical insemination (TCI) procedure, new developments in semen freezing techniques and extenders, non-intervention whelping facilities, and other opportunities to improve program efficiency and target production numbers.

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