A 50 Percent Discount

By Jed Weisberger

As the plans for the virtual IWDC 2021 begin to take shape – and we will soon be revealing a diverse group of speakers with vast expertise for our Oct. 12-14 event – two group registration plans, at a major discount, have been announced.

While individual registration for IWDC 2021 remains at a low $289, we are looking to make it economical for groups to register and attend at an affordable price.

The following discounts will automatically apply at checkout.  Groups of 5-9 will be given a 30 percent discount, while groups of 10 or more will have a 50 percent discount.

A few simple ground rules when registering as a group:

  • Applicants must register together under one transaction. Each applicant will have their own login credentials.
  • Discount automatically applied at checkout.
  • Applies to general registration and student registration packages.

On-line registration is quick and easy by clicking the button just below the cover photo on https://www.iwdba.org or at https://cvent.me/ZbyEGa. A link to register is also available on our Facebook page.

We are hoping student groups, or groups of students with faculty members will take advantage of this registration rate and remind IWDBA student membership, which provides access to all member content on our website and three scientific journals, is available for $75. This membership can be purchased at IWDC 2021 registration.

The conference will take place from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. EDT (1400-1900 UTC) each day Oct. 12-14. The committee of Hannes Slabbert (South Africa), Erik Wilsson (Sweden), Alan Grossman (Australia), Eldon Leighton (United States) and Walter Burghardt (United States), along with event planner Kathleen M. Kelsey and communications specialist Jed Weisberger, is planning the 2021 IWDBA Conference. Announcement of speakers followed by the program will be made Aug. 15.

With this virtual, online event, speakers will be available at a scheduled time, so attendees will be able to ask questions of a speaker during their scheduled time slot. All presentations will be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing 90 days following the conference. 

Questions asked during the live event will be captured in the recordings. For questions following the live session, speaker contact information will be available with the recording so attendees can Email them directly. The live presentations and the recordings will be hosted on Cvent, our event platform, which is accessible through any browser on both your laptop and mobile device. Recommended browsers are Chrome and Firefox.

Another advantage of a virtual event is expenses for airfare, meals, hotels and other travel items are not part of the outlay for IWDC 2021, while all the usual fellowship is. Additional conference updates will be published in the “Latest News” section of iwdba.org, on the IWDBA Facebook page, and at a new conference Twitter at @iwdba2021. Any questions about submissions, or the conference in general, can be submitted to us at iwdc2021@iwdba.org.


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