Socializing Via Social Media

Continuing our 2022 goal to bolster communication among our members, the IWDBA has many areas in which we can accomplish just that.

In addition to debuting bi-monthly features – recognizing our members and their accomplishments with the dogs we love – there are several opportunities to connect via social media as we prepare for IWDC 2023.

  • Our new Twitter account can be accessed @IWDBA2021. Although this is just in its beginning stages, there have already been some excellent exchanges from members about interests and concerns. This channel will become increasingly valuable to members as we move through the next several months.
  • Our Facebook page, accessed at, has an audience which has grown to over 200. Many have used it to read important posts and react. We intend to grow this page with more information about members and their accomplishments.

  • A new IWDBA2022 Instagram page will soon be established, allowing members and those interested to exchange photos and brief announcements.

  • We also have our new Forums for members to exchange ideas at All members need to do isn log in to their accounts, click FORUMS on the top line of the home page and join the conversation. The present topics are Canine Behavior, Conditioning and Private: Military/Police with more to come.

We welcome participation on Twitter, Facebook and soon Instagram. We encourage members to post links, photos, talk about anything they feel is worth putting out there. If anyone has a question about anything, or needs to get in touch with someone, those channels can certainly be of help internationally.

In addition, such communication, while opening new avenues of communication, can lead to a lot of fun.