The Development and Understanding of Efficient Mimic Devices for Calibrating and Training Detection Canines for Forensic, Environmental, and Medical Use

The superiority of canines’ olfaction capabilities makes them ideal as a substance detection tool and has led to their application in various forensic, environmental, and medical disciplines. Currently, research focuses on augmenting the efficacy of detection canines by providing dependable mimic training aids. The Universal Detection Calibrant (UDC) is one such tool developed to assist during the early training stages of detection. It introduces a universal compound to the canine through controlled permeation rates. A Controlled Odor Mimic Permeation System (COMPS) is used during initial imprinting and maintenance training for consistent volatile organic compound (VOC) release of the desired target odor. Together, UDCs and COMPS lead to consistent and reliably trained canines across detection disciplines. The presenters will discuss in depth the research development and deployment of UDCs and COMPS and establish how they can be used in tandem to strengthen the accuracy and reliability of canines across various fields.

Authors: Vanquilla Shellman, Alison G. Simon, Alice Boone, Kenneth G. Furton