Enriched Puppy Protocol

The goal of Enriched Puppy Protocol program is the development of a physically, mentally and emotionally balanced puppy who can best utilize his genetic potential.

his is particularly critical goal for the potential guide, thought just as valuable in the companion animal with far less responsibility. It is well established that early experiences have a profound, often permanent impact on the developing. Enriched Puppy Protocol program focuses on providing appropriate Stimuli in an increasingly complex environment to provide an extensive reference library for the puppy. Stimuli are provided at approximately 3 weeks, while investigation- attraction behavior is strong. This extensive reference library puts many stimuli into the known category long before the 5 week and the onset of the fear of the unknown. The Enriched Puppy Protocol program emphasizes a strong foundation for puppies, addressing cognitive, social and neuro- muscular development. Appropriate challenges encourage the puppies as they learn to move, and in turn, it can be considered that they are moving to learn.

Authors: Tommy Mourad , Yvonne Martin (Directorof programs at GDA)

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