Canine Uterine Disorders : the end of the reproductive career ? Not anymore.

Working dog breeding program’s success is definitely influenced by the females’ reproductive health. Proper monitoring of the uterus, THE organ for gestation, appears essential here. Indeed, any uterine disorder will obviously directly impact the fertility outcome. Pyometra (=pus in the uterus) has for a while been considered as the main threat. Recent studies however highlighted that other uterine disorders like mucometra, cystic-endometrial hyperplasia and especially endometritis, are more frequent than once thought. We still often hear that ovario-hysterectomy is the only cure : however, studies report 95% success and 80% future fertility rate when published medical alternatives are used. Those approaches are definitely worth considering in breeding bitches, and working dog breeding programs must know they exist. In terms of prevention, genital ultrasounds now allow for better screening and earlier detection. Nutrition also helps optimize the uterine medium and the conditions in which the embryos and fetuses will develop.

Fontaine, Emmanuel - PRO Technical Services Veterinarian, Royal Canin Canada