Determination of the Active Odorant for Canine Detection of Synthetic Cathinones for the Development of a Controlled Mimic Perme

The widespread popularity of synthetic cathinones is largely due to it availability to consumers. Although regulations have been placed to halt incoming traffic of these drugs; due to lack of ground efforts there still remains a large percent available throughout many neighborhoods. Canine field detection is routinely used to stop the increasing distribution influx of drugs into the United States that go undetected by standard procedures currently employed. Currently there are a variety of detection teams which can detect a multitude of drugs including heroin, cocaine, MDMA, and methamphetamine. With the development of Controlled Mimic Permeation System (COMPS) training aids mimicking the odor of any illicit material offers a safe, efficient, controlled alternative to training any canine for detection. This study will highlight the canine trials and studies conducted to establish the active odorant for development of a Synthetic Cathinone COMPS.

Authors: Vanquilla Shellman, Kenneth G. Furton