IWDC 2021 Recordings offer Research, Knowledge

By Jed Weisberger

IWDBA Communications

As mentioned previously, the entire IWDC 2021 program is now available to our members.

A click on the IWDC Archives tab on the top of the home page on our website https://www.iwdba.org will take you to the IWDC 2021 virtual archives, which contain information pertaining to breeding, search-and-rescue operations, dogs trained to diagnose Covid and other diseases, police and military operations and more.

Anyone can access the titles of the presentations, but, if you are not a member, a message, “This content is for members only. Please login or register to view it” will appear in a shaded box.  When a member logs in to his or her account, the full set of introductions and videos will appear and become available to view.

Several of our IWDC 2021 speakers have been included in excerpts of our well-received bi-monthly featuresseries.

Available highlights include:

·      Becky Hunt’s presentation on developing a new behavior monitoring system for working dogs in the UK.

·      Auburn University’s Dr. Lucia Lazarowski explains how combining “behavioral, cognitive and neurological measures enhance the selection of working dogs.”

·      University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover’s Dr. Holger Volk’s presentation focusing on “Epilepsy in Working Dogs.”

·      Texas A&M’s Dr. Debra Zoran’s discussion centering on “Nutrition for Search and Rescue Dogs” and how different demands on a dog often require different diets and nutrition.

·      Dr. Cindy Otto, of the Penn Vet Working Center at the University of Pennsylvania reminded “A dog’s nose knows” in detecting different diseases by odors, for instance, she explained, “A woman with ovarian cancer has a different odor than a healthy woman.”

·      Dr. Esther Schalke and Nele ten Hagen, both connected with the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, as featured in our bi-monthly series earlier in June, explain the studies they are working on that show scent-detection dogs can be effective in diagnosing Covid and other diseases.

This is just one of many new services the IWDBA is planning, in addition to our series of features, for our members, with future webinars and additional forums among items under discussion as we enhance communication with our members.

Registration information, with group discounts, can be found at https://www.iwdba.org/register/