IWDC 2021 Presentations Available On-Line for Members

By Jed Weisberger
IWDBA Communications

Many easily recall the plethora of cutting-edge information involving the Working Dog industry IWDC 2021 provided attendees.

As we had mentioned, the conference presentations – both live and pre-recorded – would be compiled and made available at no cost on the IWDBA (https://www.iwdba.org) website for our members to refer to.

This has been accomplished, with the entire IWDC 2021 program now available. A click on the IWDC Archives tab on the top of the home page on our website will take you to the IWDC 2021 virtual archives, which contain information pertaining to breeding, search-and-rescue operations, dogs trained to diagnose Covid and other diseases, police and military operations and more.

Anyone can access the titles of the presentations, but, if you are not a member, a message “This content is for members only. Please login or register to view it” will appear in a shaded box.  When a member logs in to his or her account, the full set of introductions and videos will appear and become available to view.

This is just one of many new services the IWDBA is planning, in addition to our series of bi-weekly features that have been well-received, for our members, with future webinars and additional forums among items under discussion as we enhance communication with our members.

Also, the plans for IWDC 2023 will soon be announced. 

Information on procuring IWDC memberships can be found at https://www.iwdba.org/register/. An individual annual membership is $150, a student membership $75. There are also both various tiers of corporate memberships and group discounts offered for academic clubs.