IWDC 2021 Far from Concluded

The live portion of our virtual IWDC 2021 may have ended, but anyone can still attend the virtual conference, which will be available on the conference platform until Jan. 7.

If your interest or operation includes odor-detecting dogs, training dogs, explosive-detecting dogs, breeding, genetics and more, IWDC 2021 is for you. Registration price remains the same at $289 for full access to the three-days of recordings and additional pre-recorded presentations – whenever you wish to view them through Jan. 7. Student registration is available at half-price as are IWDBA discounted memberships at registration.

Over 200 attendees, from 21 countries and all continents except Antarctica took part, including first-time delegates from Zimbabwe, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. You can still join these canine professionals thanks to advances in digital presentation.

Highlights include:

  • Dr. Cindy Otto’s comparison of how a dog processes experiences with smell as humans do visually. “A dog’s nose knows,” the Director of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia mentioned in relation to training odor-detecting dogs. Did you know a woman stricken with breast cancer emits a different odor than one who is healthy?
  • A breakout session conducted by American Kennel Club Director of Government Relations Dr. Sheila Goffe and Stacey West, who oversees the Patriotic Puppy Program promoting the breeding of working dogs in the United States. Are you a breeder who may be interested in this program?
  • Many dogs battle with cancer. Dr. Katherine Lytle spoke about a “liquid biopsy,” a blood test that can detect cancer in dogs, through “genome alteration” readings long before it clinically appears. Dr. Lytle, as all our recorded speakers, has an on-line PDF Powerpoint explaining her work and is available by E-Mail for questions.
  • Dr. Marty G. Roache, who has spent 17 years on active duty, and Chief of Behavioral Medicine at the LTC Daniel E. Holland Military Working Dog Hospital at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, explained how working dogs, under stress at the base, sometimes exhibit “abnormal repetitive behavior” that includes spinning wildly. Roache states these are “high energy dogs who want to work,” also offering a change in breeding could remedy this. Dr. Roache will be glad to discuss this with you via Email.

How to access the recorded IWDC 2021 on–line:

STEP 1: Register for the conference

If you have not already registered, do so by visiting https://cvent.me/ZbyEGa.

STEP 2: Login to the Virtual Attendee Hub at https://cvent.me/0KBvNz.. 

Once you click the link above, you will be prompted to enter your name and the email address that you registered with. You will then be sent a verification code to your email and mobile number on file.

STEP 3: Watch the recordings

Access the recordings by clicking Schedule at the top of the screen > On Demand. Please note that under the video you will find a pdf of the speaker’s PowerPoint along with their bio and email should you have any follow-up questions.