IWDBA Facebook Community Evolving, Join Us

By Jed Weisberger

IWDBA Communications

A few months ago, in a piece published both on the IWDBA website https://www.iwdba.org, and on Facebook and posted on our Twitter page, we suggested, as Omicron still was in abundance, “Let’s Socialize Using Social Media.”

There has been a positive result, especially on the IWDBA Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/www.iwdba.org, which was accessed by over 400 individuals during the month of March.

The page gained something of a following as a tool to promote our virtual, successful IWDC 2021, attracting over 200 per month. Our IWDBA “You Can Be Featured” series, which has already profiled IWDBA members Dr. Luisa Lazerowski of Auburn University and Dr. Meghan Ramos VMD of the University of Pennsylvania Working Dog Center, will continue next week with additional profiles and has doubled those page views.

With now twice as many taking a look and accessing the IWDBA Facebook page monthly, we are developing a new IWDBA on-line community, which can be used in many additional areas to promote the organization and its membership as our goal of growing the organization proceeds.

IWDBA, for its part, will use this community, in addition to its website, to promote future events, such as webinars, discussions and answer questions, especially as we begin planning for IWDC 2023 as it develops. Please join us and contribute posts or comments if you get the chance. 

Facebook is not the only IWDBA presence on Social Media. Our Twitter page can be found at @IWDBA2021 and we also have a new IWDBA Instragram page launched two weeks ago. Join us with information about what is going on with you and your dogs and organizations if you get a chance.

As previously mentioned, delegates from 21 countries attended IWDC 2021. We hope to both top that at IWDC 2023 and once again enjoy meeting in person. We look forward to seeing your input on all IWDBA Social Media outlets. A reminder once again, if you would enjoy having your work or research with your dogs featured, Email jed.weisberger@Iwdba.org