Benefits of IWDBA Membership

The IWDBA would enjoy having you as a member. Our group is diverse and international with one goal in common – a mission to provide tools, educational materials, and training opportunities that promote the production and rearing of healthy, behaviorally appropriate dogs ideally suited for performing their work.

Our annual individual membership is well-worth-it at $150. A student membership is $75. Whether your area of expertise with working dogs is breeding, training, developing dogs who assist in the medical field, assist or help prevent disasters – or any other function, the IWDBA has a place for you.

As a member, you will will be able to:

  1. Read three academic journals – the official scientific research journal of IWDBA is the Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research. The journal is published six  times annually by Elsevier and is available online through ScienceDirect in addition to the Journal of Genetics and Genomics and Animal Behavior.

  2. Participate in our on-line Forums, to which we would welcome discussions from your people. We offer Forums pertaining to Conditioning, Canine Behavior and Police/Military and are planning a fourth that will feature Veterinary Care and Emergencies.

  3. Enjoy and add to a series of on-line seminars that we are planning for 2022.

  4. Be apprised of the latest on plans for IWDC 2023, hopefully in-person in an exciting city.

  5. Read and be a part of features on what leading members are doing with working dogs.

  6. Receive all other benefits we would offer over the next year.

    If you are a breeder, trainer, scientist, student or anyone else whose life is involved with working dogs and loves and values them, the IWDBA is for you. To join, click